§ 1.1.


When used in this Code, the word “park” shall mean and include those certain grounds, public access areas, promenades, plazas, roadways, avenues, squares, recreation facilities, and other property identified in Appendix A attached hereto, any other areas that are or become publicly-dedicated public access areas and such other areas of land or water that are designated to be subject to this Code by a resolution of the San Francisco Port Commission and which are under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Commission. Any park abutting the waters of San Francisco Bay shall not be deemed to include the waters of San Francisco Bay except that the term “park” shall also include those areas of waters within the Port Commission’s jurisdiction that are specifically designated by the Port Commission by resolution to be subject to this Code. The Port Commission shall keep on file a graphic representation of such “Parks” which shall be updated as needed to represent the “Parks” subject to this Port Code.


(Added by Ord. 92-00, File No. 000634, App. 5/19/2000)


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