§ 2.5.



No person shall post or affix to any tree, shrub, plant, fence, building, monument, wall, post, vehicle or other physical object in any park any written or printed material, including, but not limited to, signs, notices, handbills, circulars and pamphlets.


Notwithstanding Section 2.5, signs may be posted in the following circumstances:


Any person who has scheduled an event in any park pursuant to a permit from the Executive Director may erect or post signs on the day that the event is scheduled to occur giving directions to such event, provided that such person receive prior approval from the Commission.


Any person leasing the park from the Commission may post signs on or about the premises leased informing the public of the event scheduled to occur, provided that the locations selected for such posting have been designated by the Executive Director as appropriate for such use, which designated location or locations for such facility shall be applicable to all lessees of such facility, and provided further, that such signs not be posted earlier than one week before the event is scheduled to occur nor later than one week after the event is over.


Persons and organizations maintaining and operating recreational facilities on park property on a daily basis may post signs which identify the facilities which provide information pertaining to recreational activities, or which inform the public of events sponsored by such persons and organizations or of regulations governing such facilities, provided (A) that such signs are posted only on the facilities so operated and maintained, whether inside or outside and (B) that if they are posted outside, the organization receive prior written approval from the Executive Director.


The Commission or its designee may post signs in any park or in any facility in any park governing the public use of park property or informing the public of events sponsored by the Commission.


When a person or organization is required to obtain the prior written approval of the Executive Director in order to post a sign in a park, the Executive Director may withhold such approval only if it finds that the location of such sign or signs would harm public or private property, or inconvenience or endanger the public, or unduly cover or block park facilities.


No sign which is posted pursuant to this Section shall be affixed to any tree, shrub or plant.


(Added by Ord. 92-00, File No. 000634, App. 5/19/2000)


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